Aquatic therapy after bilateral knee replacement surgery

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Question: Hi, my dad had bilateral knee replacement 5 months ago and has been getting home therapy. His home therapy is about to end and he still is not strong in his legs enough to walk very far yet. He had heart attack and stroke one year ago and I feel that weakened his legs prior to the surgery. So, I was wondering if you have a water program that he would benefit from in building his legs stronger in a safe environment as water? He is to see his surgeon on Monday and would like him to okay this type of therapy if Medicare will help cover it too.

Answer: Thank-you for your question. We do have water/aquatic programs at the Farragut, Dickson and Winchester clinics.

Aquatic therapy programs can be a useful stepping stone as they do create safety, however they can also be limiting. At the end of the day we need to get your father functional on land. This involves doing exercise on land that will provide him with enough challenge to build-up the ability to be able to walk safely. I would be happy to discuss the benefits of a land-based vs. aquatic program with you. If you would like this, please provide your phone number and I will follow-up.

John Nelson